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Host Family Frequently Asked Questions

Do host families receive compensation for hosting players?

Host families will receive a stipend of $1,800 per player for the six months they are a billet.

Do I need to provide transportation for my player(s)?

You DO NOT need to provide transportation. Players are responsible for finding their own transportation from place to place.

Do players have their own car?

Some do and some do not. We tend to pair players in a way where there is at least one car per household (or another teammates car at the nearby host family's house). 

Can I ask them to do chores around the house?

Of course! Families are welcome to ask their players to do house chores as they see fit. In fact, this practice is hightly encourage as it helps players develop long term life skills. 

When do the players report to the Generals?

August 29th. Once Main Camp is over, the players selected on to the Generals roster may go home for about two weeks before reporting to Eugene on the 29th of August. 

Do I have to take them to school?

No. Players are responsible for getting to school.

Do I have to cook for them?

Not every day. However, families and players are highly encouraged to have at least 4 sit-down meals per week.

Should I host one or more players?

You may choose to host one player. Generals players in single host homes have been succesful in the past. However, hosting two players would give each of the players a good support group at home and make it easier for players to adjust at the host families. 

How do the Generals match a player to a family?

Once they are on the team, players fill out a questionnaire form, asking them questions about certain things such as allergies, food preferences, and personality. The players will then be matched to the host family where the Generals best see fit.