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Off-Ice Program

Administered by Assistant Coach Daniel Gomez, the Eugene Generals Off-Ice Development is a carefully crafted curriculum of workouts, stretches and conditioning aimed at providing players the best opportunity to mazimize their athletic capabilities. 

Tapping into his history both as a hockey player and as a Corporal in the United States Marines, Assistant Coach Daniel Gomez oversees the Eugene Generals Off-Ice Development Program while carefully tracking each player's progress using an array of athletic measurements. 

As you can see above, the team's workouts change throughout the season to adhere to the various strains and demands of the hockey season.

A typical week during the regular season will see the Eugene Generals supplement four weekly on-ice practices with three weekly off-ice workouts and conditioning sessions. 

The Eugene Generals Off-Ice Program includes five components:

1. Warm-Up

2. Agility

3. Core

4. Strength

5. Stamina

These excierises are intented to mirror the demands that a player experiences on the ice by on a enhancing the player's abiity give as much as they can for 30-45 seconds, recover, and repeat.