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2018 Preseason Eval Camp | Day One Recap

The first major step towards the fourteenth season of Generals hockey was taken on Saturday as the 2018 Preseason Evaluation Camp kicked off at The Rink Exchange in Eugene, Oregon. 

The 2018 Preseason Evaluation Camp, open to all junior-eligible players, is the first of two offseason camps hosted by the Eugene Generals with the aim of identifying prospective players for the upcoming 2018-19 season. 

Saturday started with an in-depth, hour-long presentation from General Manager Flint Doungchak that touched on the junior hockey landscape, opportunities stemming from junior hockey, and specific characteristics of the Eugene Generals including the team's staff, operations, and overall philosophy. 

Following the afternoon orientation, players were divided up into two teams - Team Thunda Dawgs (white) and Team Dirty Dozen (blue) - where they competed with and against one another in a fast-paced, ADM-inspired practice that was full of high-intensity drills and little wasted time. Each drill included a competitive, score-based component. Total scores were tallied up at the conclusion of the practice and Team Dirty Dozen earned the win. 

In the evening, the day concluded with the first of three games scheduled for this weekend between the two teams. The game format at the 2018 Preseason Evaluation Camp is as follows:

  1. Two, 32-minute halves with a running clock.
  2. One-minute penalties.
  3. No icing while on penalty kill.

Team Thunda Dawgs earned the win by a final score of 5-4 to even the overall Preseason Evaluation Camp Series between the two teams at 1-1.

The two teams will face off again tomorrow morning for the second game of the series followed later by a team building competition that will also have a point on the line. 

Sunday will also include an off-ice conditioning session for all players in attendance.

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