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Generals Invite Fans to Join Ice Center Awareness Campaign

The Eugene Generals have been working diligently in preparation for the upcoming hockey season. Scouting trips have and are being made, players contacted and game schedules are being worked out. The Northern Pacific Hockey League (NORPAC) Annual General Meeting is occurring in two weeks in Eugene to further set the course for the year.

Lane Events Center-Ice (LEC) is scheduled to open prior to the Generals Main Camp in mid-August. Many activities are occurring, including a study of the condition of the rink and the outlining of future courses of action for rink improvement.

The preliminary budget for LEC has been submitted to the Lane County Budget Committee and includes the operation of the ice rink. Recently a group representing ice sports athletes and spectators, titled the Ice Sports Foundation of Lane County (ISF), which includes representatives from the Eugene Generals, was formed as a means to work with the county and the individual users, clubs and groups present at the ice rink.

�We are right on track for Main Camp in August,� Generals owner Ken Evans stated. �We have been told the rink will continue to operate, and we have no reason to believe we won�t be playing hockey in Eugene in the coming season. We are optimistic that we will have our most successful season to date, and we are preparing in a way that will get us to that point.�

However, the ISF has attended some of the Lane County Budget Committee meetings and have listened to the reports, the projections and concerns expressed at these meetings. The current $587,500,000 Lane County budget is potentially facing a $38,000,000 reduction due to low tax receipts, loss of timber funds, reduction in hotel/motel tax receipts and increases in employee benefit packages. This amounts to a general 6.5% reduction in total.

The ISF made public testimony at the April 29, 2010 budget meeting as part of the interest and education process of county commissioners and budget committee members. The ISF wishes to continue to educate the commissioners and committee about the importance of the Ice Rink to the many facets of the community that utilize it.

As �insurance� that the commissioners will continue to support the LEC and the ice rink the Generals are encouraging fans, host families, players and staff, sponsors, vendors and volunteers to strongly consider attending the Thursday, May 13, 2010 budget committee meeting. The public testimony portion of the meeting will be from 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM with the remainder of the budget meeting starting at 6:00 PM. Public testimony consists of signing the signup sheet at the entrance then waiting to be called. There is a limit of three minutes for each testimony. Although testimony is a good thing your attendance at the meeting is even more desirable as it indicates good and tangible support of the ice rink. Feel free to wear your Generals hats, shirts, jerseys or other Generals wear.

�The ice rink is important to us and we wish to help the commissioners and others fully understand this,� Evans went on to say. �The Generals fans, host families, players and staff, sponsors, vendors and volunteers attendance at the meeting will help provide the education on the numbers and varieties of groups who use the rink and how much the rink is a part of our lives.�

The meeting is at Harris Hall at the Lane County Public Service building downtown at 125 East 8th Avenue.

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