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Forward Dustin Gomez Enlists in U.S. Marines

Following in the footsteps of his father and older brother before him, Generals forward Dustin Gomez accepted his Oath of Enlistment during the first intermission of Friday night's game vs. the Seattle Ravens.

Dustin, a member of the Generals for parts of the last three seasons, will finish out the remainder of this season before heading off to basic training at the end of April at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot in San Diego, California.

His older brother, former Generals player and current assistant coach Daniel Gomez, is stil currently enlisted in the U.S. Marine Reserves and holds the title of Corporal. 


"I want to become a police officer," said Gomez, "and ultimately follow in my father's footsteps of becoming a well-trained Marine, and then translating that into becoming a police officer."

In a special twist, Gomez's Oath of Enlistment took place during the first intermission of the Generals' game vs. the Seattle Ravens on Friday, December 18th. After scoring the only goal of the first period to give the Generals a 1-0 lead heading into the intermission, Gomez and his teammates remained on the ice as his recruiter joined them to provide a unique twist on the renown ceremony. 

"I was excited and glad that I could have my recruiter there; he's been on this long road with me for over a year. It was a very awe-inspiring moment, and one that I will remember forever."

In the meantime, Gomez will finish the regular season and post season with the Generals before enjoying some time off and then heading south to San Diego. Currently, Gomez finds himself in the midst of what's been far and away his best juniors season, already tallying 10 goals and 14 assists, both career-highs.


"I will provide loyal and faithful service to this country," Gomez proudly concluded, "and I will do the same for my community as a peace officer."

Dustin and the Generals return to action on Friday, January 15th to start a weekend home series vs. the Tri-Cities Outlaws at The Rink Exchange. Purchase your tickets now