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Isaac Vincent Stands Tall at Forward

When Isaac Vincent is out on the ice, it’s easy to assume that based on his size, he has to be a defenseman.

Well, that assumption would be wrong; at 6-3, 200 lbs., Vincent not only stands out as the biggest player on the team, he is a forward, not a defenseman.

Of all the forwards to skate for the Generals over the past decade, there are very few who match or exceed Vincent in terms of height (except maybe for past players such as Kris Kranzky or Patrick Moodie). As most would expect by looking at him, Vincent, 18, acknowledged being a physical presence on the ice. Whether it is winning battles for the puck or screening the opposing goalie in front of the net, the Wasilla, Alaska native likes to use his physique to his advantage during game situations.

Having started hockey over ten years ago, Vincent has experience with the MAHA Eagles and the U-18 Alaska Junior Avalanche. Throughout his hockey career, Vincent has skated alongside current Generals players Cole Bloemer, Logan Sanders, and Michael Spidal.

Prior to joining the Generals, Vincent previously played for his high school team last year, the Colony Knights. He skated alongside Sanders and Bloemer at Colony High School, where the Knights won the North Star Conference Championship. Vincent acknowledged his longtime friends helping him in his decision to trying out for the Generals in Eugene.

“They were both talking about the Generals a lot, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet,” acknowledged Vincent. “I looked more into it, those two were planning on going, and I eventually decided to come down and try out.”

Along with knowing Sanders, Spidal, and Bloemer before the Generals, Vincent also knew of Buddy Dale, who also grew up in Wasilla. They actually never played hockey with each other, but they were on the same baseball team at one point. Except that Vincent never realized that until they became teammates in Eugene.

“I actually never played hockey with Buddy,” explained Vincent, “but I was on his Little League team and I didn’t even know that until I came here. I saw an old picture of us on the same baseball team back when we were younger.”

Coincidentally, they are back on the same team. While Dale enters his third year on the Generals, Vincent will be introduced to junior hockey for the first time this weekend on the road against the Seattle Ravens. While it would not be unusual for someone who has never played a junior hockey game to feel nervous beforehand, Vincent, is the opposite of that, expressing how he was “really excited to get the season started.”

Despite not having any nerves before his junior hockey debut, Vincent admits there are certain unknowns and that his goal is to “get a feel of what the pace is going to be like. I don’t know how fast this league is firsthand and I want to get a feel for what level I’m going to have to play at this season.”

Based on how practices and workouts have been going this past month, Vincent is also confident about the team as a whole this year and how they are able to mesh on the ice.

“I think we are looking really good. Players are doing what they are supposed to be doing and are productive in everything we have done so far. I’m really interested to see how we are going to have to play and function together in a game situation.”

Vincent and everyone else will find out exactly how well the Generals will play together in games this Friday and Saturday night against the Seattle Ravens. Both games begin at 6:35pm at the Kent Valley Ice Centre.


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