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Generals Locker Room Renovations Underway

The Eugene Generals staff have continued the process of renovating their locker room during the offseason.

Having remained the same for the past ten years, the Generals decided it was time for a drastic refurbishment of the team’s the locker room. The renovation coincides with the Generals’ rebranding for this season, which embraces a new era for the organization.

Generals Head Coach Justin Kern, who played for the team during the first two seasons from 2005-2007, spearheaded the makeover process for the locker rooms, which he acknowledges was long overdue.

"After the season, we took a look at the locker room and realized it's been the same for ten years," admitted Kern. "We're trying to do everything on a fresh start this season, locker room included, and make it something to be proud of just like the team."

With players from this year and previous years leaving hockey gear (bags, sticks, clothes, etc.) in the locker room after the season's end, there was a lot to move out in order to begin the process. The end of this phase (pictured below) occurred last week, giving way for the next part of the process.


The next part—phase two—began today with the removal of the lockers themselves. Kern, Assistant Coach Daniel Gomez, and former Generals players Evan Hastings and Connor Hoernlein worked tirelessly throughout the day, unscrewing and removing shelves and lockers that had been in place for the last ten years.

With this part of the renovation almost complete, the next step is to paint the walls with Generals colors. According to Kern, the plan is to paint a Generals logo on one side, while the other side will include a tribute to Head Coach Bobby Freeland.

Stay tuned through the Generals' Facebook and Twitter for more updates about the team's progress in renovating the locker room this offseason.