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Preseason Evaluation Camp

The 2018 Eugene Generals Preseason Evaluation Camp will be held April 28-30 at The Rink Exchange in Eugene, Oregon.

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Off-Ice Program

Administered by Assistant Coach Daniel Gomez, the Eugene Generals Off-Ice Development is a carefully crafted curriculum of workouts, stretches and conditioning aimed at providing players the best opportunity to mazimize their athletic capabilities. 

Tapping into his history both as a hockey player and as a Corporal in the United States Marines, Assistant Coach Daniel Gomez oversees the Eugene Generals Off-Ice Development Program while carefully tracking each player's progress using an array of athletic measurements. 

As you can see above, the team's workouts change throughout the season to adhere to the various strains and demands of the hockey season.

A typical week during the regular season will see the Eugene Generals supplement four weekly on-ice practices with three weekly off-ice workouts and conditioning sessions. 

The Eugene Generals Off-Ice Program includes five components:

1. Warm-Up

2. Agility

3. Core

4. Strength

5. Stamina

These excierises are intented to mirror the demands that a player experiences on the ice by on a enhancing the player's abiity give as much as they can for 30-45 seconds, recover, and repeat. 

Inside The USPHL

Founded in 2012, the United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL) is comprised of 52 organizations fielding teams in the Premier, Elite, USP3, 18U, 16U, 16U Futures and High Performance Youth Divisions. The Premier, Elite and USP3 Divisions are each USA Hockey-sanctioned Tier III Junior leagues. 

Each division provides a step in the progression towards fulfilling a player's ultimate goal of becoming a collegiate or professional hockey player. Teams have been selected to participate in specific USPHL divisions based upon geography, strong player pools, rink ownership, financial strength, and history of success and integrity at the highest level. The USPHL aims to prepare and develop players for college hockey and beyond with a tiered development structure in accordance with USA Hockey's American Development Model

The United States Premier Hockey League, which operates in 19 of the 50 United States, is one of the nation's largest amateur ice hockey leagues. Over the past two seasons, the USPHL has seen over 350 of its players advance to the collegiate level and numerous others advance to the professional ranks. As a result, the USPHL has been recognized as one of the top developmental leagues in the nation for midget and junior hockey.

USPHL Showcase Series

Lawler Rink, home to the NCAA's Merrimack Warriors and the host site of the Islanders Hockey Club Showcase

All USPHL member teams are required to participate in a minimum of two USPHL Showcase Series events each season thereby providing players with a unique opportunity to display their skills in front of collegiate and professional scouts. By inviting USPHL member teams from all across the country to compete at one central location, players are able to showcase their skills in a highly competitive atmosphere while scouts in attendance are able to see firsthand players that they otherwise they may not have the ability to do so. 

In addition to providing ample player exposure, the USPHL Showcase Series also presents players with a new, unique experience both on and off of the ice. Each Showcase Series event is an opportunity for teams to travel to a new, exciting location to play teams that they otherwise would not have a chance to play and see cities that they otherwise might not have a chance to see. The idea behind the USPHL Showcase Series is to broaden the horizons of players in attendance by immersing them in a new, challenging atmosphere.  

During the 2016-17 season, a total of ten USPHL Showcase Series across the USPHL's Tier III divisions events were held in a number of locations that includes Boston, Chicago, Chesapeake, 

Practice Structure

ADM inspired? how so?

Half boards --> Small area games

fast paced, not a lot of wasted time

Example of a practice plan? Use USA Hockey Coaching app to draw things up?

Goal of each practice?

How does each practice vary? Are they different as the days/weeks progress throughout the season?


#GensFam Philosophy

For more than a decade, the Eugene Generals have been far more than just a team; they've been a family. Beginning with the franchise's very first head coach, the late Robert "Bobby" Freeland, Generals ownership and staff has continually strived to provide players with tremendous love, care and support both on and off of the ice. 


Meet Our #GensFam

Owners Ken Evans and Dr. Elaine Callahan set the standard within the organization from the top-down, and they have done so ever since first founding the franchise in 2005. The two are also co-owners of The Rink Exchange, the home of the Eugene Generals.

Evans and Callahan have surrounded themselves with a deep and diverse family of coaches, front office staff, administrative personnel, billet families and volunteers, as illustrated above.

Leading that family is Flint Doungchak has held the title of General Manager for all twelve years of the franchise's existence, and he is also an active member within USA Hockey. Currently, Doungchak holds the title of Pacific District Coach-in-Chief while also serving on USA Hockey's Technology Committee. 

Head Coach Justin Kern has served as the team's bench boss since the 2014-15 season

Together, the four form the foundation of the Generals franchise as they blend

Jason and Lanae Falls; Roy, Tyler, and Weston Wright; Alex Brown, Vinti Family, Davis Family, Nybergs, Steve Day, Huddlestuns, 

School Support

The Generals have fostered relationships with local high schools, Lane Community College and the University of Oregon to ensure that players are setting academic goals as high as they are setting their hockey goals. 

Most Generals players that are still attending high school will typically attend Churchill High School. Located less than five minutes away from The Rink Exchange, Churchill High School. 


Community Engagement

Working with and supporting the local Eugene/Springfield community is one of the defining tennants of the 

Staff at Churchill that we work with?

Mention Bobby Freeland

Ken and Elaine

Eugene hockey community as a whole