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Generals Re-Sign Goaltender Jamie Frantz

The Eugene Generals are proud to announce the return of goaltender Jamie Frantz for the 2017-18 season.

Frantz is the team’s seventeenth announced signing of the current offseason. He joins forwards William WallaceBlaine KronaNathan LeachGriffin MinchinBroc Friesen, Bradley MaddoxDillon FosterAlex ClarkFrazier Mohler and Jack Thornton; defensemen Dayne ColeJackson BaughmanDakota Henn and Sebastian Llaneras; and goaltenders Sean Leonard and Christopher Alexakis.

Last season, his first with the Generals, Frantz served as the team’s third netminder behind Christopher Alexakis and Christian Zecchetto. This year, Frantz will transition into the backup role behind Alexakis who has also returned for another season in Eugene.

"Last year, Jamie knew what his role was as a third string goalie and he worked for every start that we gave him," said Head Coach Justin Kern. "That's what I really love about him. Jamie has no problem practicing, no problem working his butt off, and technically he's such a good goalie. He's incredibly sound with his technical ability, and now that next step is translating that into a full sixty minutes of action on a more regular basis."

"Last year was a huge learning experience for me," said Frantz. "I was honestly blown away with how different the junior level was from minor hockey. The veterans were great mentors for me. Guys like Chris Alexakis, Logan Sanders and Cody Arbelovsky were very, very instrumental to me in learning how to play at the junior level. They helped me adjust to living away from home for the first time while also teaching me how to compete at this level. I can honestly say that that it was the most fun year that I've ever had playing hockey, and I'm ready for another one."

Frantz (above) skates at the 2017 Eugene Generals Training Camp held August 18-20 at The Rink Exchange in Eugene, Oregon.

Following an impressive rookie campaign, Frantz is ready to once again take advantage of the developmental tools made available by the Generals coaching and front office staff. 

"Kern, Gomez and Flint all create this great developmental environment that I think I really flourish in," said Frantz. "Kern got me lots of games for my first year, more than a typical third stringer would play, and I was very thankful for that. Practices are always great for learning, but there's nothing better than games and you just can't replicate those in-game experiences."

"Off of the ice, Gomez's workout program helped me put on ten pounds of muscle over the course of the season, and I could really see the results translate to on the ice. Flint has even provided me feedback from some goalie coaches in the USHL, and that was very cool to see him already putting my name out there like that."

With a new season comes new responsibilities, and both Frantz and Coach Kern are confident about the potential for the Seattle native to shine in a new role this season. 

"A big focus of mine this year is being a competitive partner for Chris [Alexakis]," said Frantz. "Chris is a great goalie and I know that I can play, so we're definitely going to be battling this season, but at the end of the day I support him 100% and no matter what happens we will always be supporting each other."

"I'm hoping that [Jamie] gives Chris a good push for his money and makes Chris really work to keep that starter spot. All three of them - Alexakis, Frantz and Leonard - are each very talented, and my aim is to ensure that they feed off of each other and push one another to be the best that they can be this year."

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Eugene Generals Training Camp


Registration for the Eugene Generals Training Camp is now open! Camp will take place August 10-13, 2018 at The Rink Exchange.